Invited Seminars

• 2015: UCD School of Chemistry Seminars, Dublin, Ireland, "A computational study of pnicogen interactions"

• 2014: UCD CASL SeminarsDublin, Ireland, "Molecular Modelling of Kinase Activation Mechanism in the Tumour-Suppressive Hippo Pathway via Protein-Protein Interactions" 

• 2012: IOCB Theoretical Chemistry SeminarsPrague, Czech Republic, "Pnicogen interactions" 

• 2011Scientific Meeting in MadridSolar2 ProyectMadrid, Spain, "Pnicogen interactions" 

• 2010: Seminars of Computation in Atomic and Molecular Physics of Unbound SystemsMadrid, Spain, "Heavy divalent lanthanides in solids: CsCaBr3 doped with Yb2+" 

Visiting Stays

• 2014King's College London, Dr. Edina RostaLondon, United Kingdom (1 week)

2009: University of Stockholm, Prof. Ulf Walhgren, Stockholm, Sweden (3 months)

• 2009: University of Lund, Prof. Gunnar Gunnar Karlström, Lund, Sweden (1 week)

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